Testing Support

With our offices just down the road from Purdue University’s comprehensive rocket and air-breathing testing facilities, IN Space is ideally suited to assist you with your testing programs at the Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories. Our experienced engineers can provide you with an array of testing services including:

  • Testing AccessTest oversight
  • Test planning
  • Experiment design and interface
  • Documentation
  • Data reduction and analysis
  • Test article preparation
  • Test article and support equipment shipping and receiving
  • Testing Support

IN Space, LLC’s testing services can benefit your test program in several ways. Experience. IN Space personnel have overseen and directly participated in the recent design, construction, and operation of all testing facilities at Purdue’s High Pressure Laboratory, Advanced Propellants and Combustion Laboratory, and Fuels Thermal Management Laboratory. IN Space personnel have over 25 years of combined experience in designing experiments and collecting data for aerospace applications.


With our engineers conducting oversight, we can keep you apprised of setup progress, testing progress, and data reduction without slowing the progress of testing personnel. Facility and IN Space resources can provide you with streaming live video during the tests and secure access to the test data shortly after completion.


By allowing IN Space to handle your testing needs at Purdue, you and your engineers can stay at your office where you are most productive. No need to spend two days traveling for one day of testing or to have program delays that setback testing for several days. Our services are especially useful for conducting feasibility testing in Phase I SBIR/STTR contracts where travel funds are not typically permitted.


In addition to not incurring travel costs such as airfare, hotel, car, and per diem, IN Space can save your program money by providing efficient testing services at very reasonable rates with low overhead.

Custom Testing Equipment

Drawing upon our extensive facility development and testing experiences at Beal Aerospace and Purdue University, IN Space personnel can assist in establishing or improving rocket propulsion testing capabilities at your facility. For test stands, our design and construction and/or assembly capabilities includes:

  • Vertical, horizontal or angled test stands capable of 10,000 lbf thrust
  • Feed system designs and assemblies for propellants such as liquid oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, hydrocarbon and non
  • Newtonian fuels
  • Pressurization systems ranging from a few short tests to many long duration tests
  • Plumbing and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)

Our test facility design knowledge extends to significantly large thrust and flow rate systems though additional personnel would be required before we could carry out such an undertaking.

For conducting the tests and collecting instrumentation data, we can assist with:

  • Data system architecture based on your measurement requirements
  • Flow control system architecture based on testing requirements and complexities
  • LabVIEW control panel and data acquisition program
  • Complete rack-mounted valve relay and instrumentation patch panels
  • Instrumentation (pressure, temperature, force, acceleration, mass flow) selection

We can also assist you in creating detailed step-by-step testing procedures, selecting proper personal protection equipment, and overseeing initial tests to assure safe and efficient test operations.